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Backlink memiliki Fungsi sangat penting dan diperlukan untuk meningkatkan popularitas suatu situs/blog di mata search engine atau yang biasa dikenal dengan pagerank, jika situs/blog kita memiliki backlink yang banyak maka secara otomatis search engine akan melirik blog kita, dan pastinya pagerank akan diberikan kepada blog kita dan baklink tersebut gratis ala blogger.

Nah siapa yang tidak mau blognya mendapatkan banyak backlink pasti semua sobat juga kepengin blognya mendapatkan banyak Backlink, kali ini saya mencoba menerapkan cara cepat mendapatkan Backlink pada blog dengan sistim Multi Level Marketing.

Caranya sangat mudah. A…

How to check Windows for 32-bit OS or 64-bit OS

You can find out whether your system is installed with a 32-bit or 64-bit (Microsoft labels them as x86 or x64) based operating system, which requires specifically built software application.

For computer or PC that has been installed long time ago and user forgets about its version, or has changed owner several times, and user no longer sure whether he or she is running a 32-bit or 64-bit (x32 or x64) version of Windows operating system, use following methods to determine and find out which version actually it’s.

1. Windows Vista

* Method 1
a. Click Start, then click on Run or Start Search.
b. Type msinfo32.exe and then press Enter key.
c. In “System Information”, review the value for the System Type item:
- For 32-bit editions of Windows, the value of the System Type item is x86-based PC.
- For 64-bit editions of Windows, the value of the System Type item is x64-based PC.

* Method 2
a. Click Start, type system in the “Start Search” box, and then click system in the “Programs” list.

How to enable Private Browsing in Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari

If Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 have functions effective to purge all traces of your activities on the Net, neither browsers proposed mode for the duration of a session to browse without leaving traces.

Google Chrome and Safari have such a private browsing mode that records no information about your browsing: the history of pages visited, form data, the list of files downloaded ... are not recorded on your hard drive.

Thanks to free extensions, you can have a similar system of private browsing in Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7. Now learn how to exploit this incognito in Google Chrome, Firefox, IE 7 and Safari.

1. Google Chrome:

Chrome, Google web browser has a private browsing mode to remain incognito on the internet. Here is how to add private browsing in Chrome:
Launch Google Chrome.
- Click Customize and control Google Chrome.
- In the menu that appears, click the Order New incognito window.
- A new window is open in incognito. Web pages visited in this window are not reco…

How to Access 'Page not found' or Deleted pages

While browsing on the web many times we come across any web page that has been deleted or the site host use to be unavailable. In such cases you get an error saying "Page Not Found". But if that page is very useful for you and you want to read it anyhow, there are different ways to access such pages.

First, search engines like Bing or Google use robots which roam the Internet and record the pages visited in what is called a cache. By accessing the cache of search engines, so it is possible to find a web page or an article to view it disappeared. The page will be as it was at the time of robots.

WayBackMachine service works much the same way except that it keeps a history of passage of his robots. The opportunity to go back in time and see how a webpage was several years ago. This can also be a way to find a web page or site disappeared.

Finally, if a site is unavailable because it is overloaded, nothing like the Coral CDN free service that lets you streamline and pool req…

How to Install Windows XP from USB

You would be thinking of Installing an Operating System from a Pen/Flash Drive.
So here is the tip for Installing Windows XP from a Pen drive.

1.You will need a special tool to copy the Installation files and making the
USB Pen Drive bootable.You need to download the zip file which is below.


2.Unpack to any folder. The path to your folder must be simple.
3.Insert your Pen Drive.
4.Run USB_MultiBoot_10.cmd
~Format utility will apear. Choose NTFS for >=4Gb usb flash and FAT16 for other,
Start format, Close after finishing.

5.If you are doing this from a Vista machine, you may need to run PeToUSB.exe
as adminstrator
in order for this program to recognize the jump drive. (Right click PeToUSB.exe >
Properties > Compatibility > Run this program as an administrator checked.)
6.Set options 1 and 2. Set option 0 only if you want to use USB HDD instead of a USB Pen Drive.
7.Choose 3 after setting all other options. It will create the image and write it to
the USB Pen Driv…

Adding Memory to Your Computer

Your computer will lag behind and you want to give it a boost? Add them to memory.

By increasing the RAM on your computer's hard drive, which is slower, be less stressed when you open multiple windows or tabs at the same time,
when you manipulate large files when you launch your software when you play, etc. .

In the end, then you will reap improved performance of your computer and a greater working comfort. Whether to improve the performance of a desktop,
a laptop or netbook, adding memory is accessible to everyone.

Just as a first step to check the type and characteristics of the memory used by your computer to see which modules you must buy (DDR, DDR2, DDR3 SO-DIMM, ...) and how much memory you can add. The number of memory connector on the laptop is indeed limited. The manufacturer is Crucial to this analysis tool free online that will automatically give you this information.

Then, by a simple trapdoor under your laptop and your netbook and directly into the housing of yo…